Conversion of profile stats?

Discussion in 'Site Discussion (no testing in here please)' started by SiliconAngel, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. SiliconAngel

    SiliconAngel New Member

    Agg, will all new profiles start with a clean slate on Xenforo, or is there some conversion process that can/will be done to profile stats? I couldn't care less about post-count, but it would be a bit sad to lose registration date.
  2. Kenny34

    Kenny34 New Member

    I'm sure that I read somewhere that everything will be carried over.
  3. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    We'll be importing the database from vBulletin to xenForo. So post history and stats etc should come over. Worst case I can manually edit your registration date. :)
  4. Pugs

    Pugs New Member

    Top work there Agg
  5. QuakeDude

    QuakeDude New Member

    Oh good. That'll make some people happy :p

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