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Discussion in 'Site Discussion (no testing in here please)' started by Testerino, Nov 15, 2016.


    ICEWOLF New Member

    had to add an exception to firefox to access the confirmation email link
  2. ryan

    ryan New Member

    ICEWOLF I think someone dun fucked up! This is now live and available to the wide world. Whoops..
  3. DavidRa

    DavidRa New Member

    *Cough* Yesterday was March 31st...

    MUTMAN New Member

    login on news page is terrible. the colours make the text invisible
  5. Acesi7

    Acesi7 New Member

    Probably very minor on the list of things to be done, but you can have media links in your Sig... That will get annoying fast...

    Edit: Nevermind, it shows up when you press 'Preview' but it won't save with the link still there... Nice work :)
  6. shredder

    shredder New Member

    Vb theme looks good. Sabretooth theme needs some tweaking still, it's a bit dark overall, and the white gradients are a bit contrasty (subjective thoughts). The ad at the top right needs to be fully shown.

  7. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    Thanks - sabretooth theme is just me dicking around with colours at the moment. I will try to get it more closely matching the existing one before cutover. :)
  8. aratamallama

    aratamallama New Member

    any chance of the following?
    • implementing the ability to collapse each main forum, as in the current system? i liked collapsing the sections i seldom browsed
    • does this system have a watch list function? a couple of other forums i use have it - great for marketplace posts. so for example i could setup a watch for the keyword "ps4", and i get an email as soon as there is a matching new thread posted
    hate the default theme, the vb theme looks better, but there are still lots of visual elements we could tweak (if possible). sorry, not trying to bnit-pick, but i do a lot of work in UX/I these days, and i can get a little pedantic :p

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