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Discussion in 'Site Discussion (no testing in here please)' started by looktall, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. looktall

    looktall New Member

    So I was able to sign up using my Gmail account.
    Is that just for testing or will we be able to continue using Gmail when the site goes live?
  2. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    Even on the live site we've been quietly allowing gmail from Australian IPs for a while now. xenForo is a lot smarter about stopping spammers during signup so hopefully we can pretty much let it handle that automatically - on VBB3 we have been manually approving signups for years. :/ Currently xenForo is just set to the default and we are not specifically blocking any free email domains. I think we will allow gmail in future, because if we don't, probably 90% of signups will be blocked.
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  3. looktall

    looktall New Member

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  4. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    Actually it just flagged a user for manual approval because it ticked some StopForumSpam boxes. Looked ok to me tho so I approved it. Neato.
  5. Kinsman

    Kinsman New Member

    On stopping bots, I think Recapture2 is pretty good now, maybe use that instead of the old gd images for registration?

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