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Am I getting old?

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  1. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    So when I registered I didnt get the confirmation email - nor the 3 or 4 I tried resending to my self.

    Some strange glitch or was approval needed or similar?

    I also note I might have atuffed up when creating my account as it said Name and I put my first name instead of my normal OCAU Username (Cyb3r) not fussed either way as I us Andrew at other forums but wasnt very evident in the sign up process! That or I'm getting old.

    Also doing a poll because I can.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Well I got my confirmation email a day late, and only got one so maybe its not all dead. But I just saw the current issue thread so possibly similar experience for others.
  3. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    Yeah, we had some ISPs dropping our mails because of being hosted on an EC2 box which looks too dynamic and thus spammy to them. But around noon today I switched us over to a proper SMTP server for outbound emails and re-sent the confirmation emails to unconfirmed people - so you probably got your one after then.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew New Member

    Makes sense!
  5. Selekta

    Selekta New Member

    Was able to sign up with gmail, unsure if this will be turned off or can be turned off when it's go-live time...

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