Why is OCAU testing xenForo?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by Agg, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    It does appear that this is the case!
  2. Testerino

    Testerino New Member

    You quoted me and I got a notification!

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  3. Quadbox

    Quadbox New Member

    This kind of spurious post is hard to justify, but I'll try anyway​
  4. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    How did you align your text like that? :) Even if I edit your post there's no code..

    edit: oooh​
  5. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    I can drag and drop a picture, but it can't be too big.

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  6. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    But I then cannot access that picture as anon.
  7. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

  8. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    that pic viewed as anon appears as a thumbnail and can't be opened.
  9. D_Web

    D_Web New Member

    Testing multi quote
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  10. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    Multi quote the picture just makes it a link to the attachment, It'd be nicer if it was a thumbnail, oh well.
  11. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    I think that behaviour is pretty standard, HrdwrBoB - when I browse other forums it doesn't let me view attachments as a guest. Probably to stop people leeching massive bandwidth by viewing the full files.
  12. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    Agg - see my post on mobile certificate invalid. https is not working on my mobile on this site.
  13. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    Also, just a general thought.. if at some point you do indeed change OCAU over to something else, I would ask that the existing forums were closed, but put as read only, as there is a huge wealth of knowledge in the existing forums, would hate to see it lost. Heck, half the questions I ask Google, there is a result to OCAU forums if it's even remotely pc related, and its on the first page :)
  14. Andrew Wong

    Andrew Wong New Member

    I have a serious proposition.

    Since this may become OCAU v2, I propose that we begin fostering a culture of "first in, best dressed" or "you snooze, you lose" in lieu of the autocratic nanny state that OCAU currently is. This has been already well established in all the great cultures in the modern world

    IMHO the first 5 registered users should be given mod privileges at a minimum
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  15. Sniper

    Sniper New Member

    w0ng still as always

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