AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs

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    AMD have unveiled their Ryzen 5 CPUs, a more budget-oriented sibling of the Ryzen 7 released recently. These ones are 4- and 6-core. Coverage on PC Perspective, HotHardware and TomsHardware.

    Meanwhile AMD have provided a community update to address some concerns raised since the first launch. While these findings have been great to read, we are just getting started! The AMD Ryzen™ processor and AM4 Platform both have room to grow, and we wanted to take a few minutes to address some of the questions and comments being discussed across the web.

    Discussion continues in our AMD x86 Hardware forum.

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    testing reply's to news page
    where do the pics get hosted ? is this to replace "OCAU PIX" ?
    how to delete a incorrect upload before posting the reply ??

    ugg. had an error messgae but it was on screen too quick for me to grab the number ...
    some trouble uploading .... may have a lot to do with top gear torrentz running amok on my network

    ugg 2 - no error number - just states there was an error uploading "insert file name"

    summary of ugg - upload of files to news page dont worky for mutty
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