Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by Testerino, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Testerino

    Testerino New Member

    I just uploaded an avatar direct from my phone using the camera app to take a pic of Floyd. I had to set the image size to the lowest setting first. Still, pretty cool. Yay mobile!
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  2. HrdwrBoB

    HrdwrBoB New Member

    I uploaded a full size photo from the browser.
  3. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    I uploaded a tiny photo from pc..
  4. EvilGenius

    EvilGenius New Member

    Gif uploaded from mobile. Image is static so nothing is broken :)
  5. [redacted]

    [redacted] New Member

    Loaded an animated gif from pc, no animation :( will try a smaller one.
  6. [redacted]

    [redacted] New Member

  7. [redacted]

    [redacted] New Member

    Smaller one is animated in my profile but not here.
  8. Testy McTesticles

    Testy McTesticles My Sig Was Annoying

    hmm I got a silent failure when trying to upload an animated gif...
    Select file, it does black progress bar/ticker thingy, then nothing
  9. looktall

    looktall New Member

    I tried to upload an image saved on my tablet and it failed with an error about something or other.
    That image was a 197kb png file.
    I then tried another image saved on my tablet and it uploaded it just fine.
    That image was 1mb jpg file.
  10. FOTW

    FOTW New Member

    Uploaded 92kb jpeg file from windows 7 desktop
  11. QuakeDude

    QuakeDude New Member

    Yeah, had a similar issue - uploaded one and its failed due to it being too big (96kb PNG with transparencies in it) but it was happy to take a 312kb JPG o_O

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