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Discussion in 'Overclocking & Hardware' started by Testerino, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Testerino

    Testerino New Member

    - You can specifically mention people in threads by using the @ symbol and their username. Isn't that right, Agg? You don't need to capitalise or even click on the name to choose it. If you get the spelling right it will magically convert it to vbbco.. err, xenforocode (?) to link the name.

    - Notifications appear at top right when you get replies on watched threads, someone like your post, mentions your name etc.

    - Select to quote: use your mouse to select text in the browser, then use the "reply" tooltip thing to reply with quote.
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  2. Agg

    Agg Staff Member

    Hey! Someone said my name and I got an alert.
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  3. Testerino

    Testerino New Member

    - If you go to "Members" then "Recent Activity" you get a thing like OCAUs' current "Live View" but with more detail!

    - If you go to "Forums" then "Watched Forums" it looks like you can see a forum listing like the main page, but with only your watched forums listed. So you can view a subset of forums and ignore the ones you don't want to see. I think. I haven't played with this yet.
  4. EvilGenius

    EvilGenius New Member

    This looks amazing on mobile. Huge thumbs up, or there would be, if I could find a thumbs up smiley :p
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  5. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    maybe then we need more smileys! :);):(:mad::confused::cool::p:D:eek::oops::rolleyes:o_O
  6. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    But I can like your post... so thats a thumbs up?
  7. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    Alerts are cool, also, trophies!
  8. Sniper

    Sniper New Member

  9. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

  10. [redacted]

    [redacted] New Member

    Chilled will get the 100 posts one in under a minute.
  11. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    I've already got the 30 one :D
  12. leroyxx

    leroyxx My Sig Was Big

    highlight text and it gives you the option to replay/quote it... cool as :D

    [Agg edit: test edit notification]
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  13. EvilGenius

    EvilGenius New Member

    Quote method is still overly complicated IMO. Add a quote to multiquote, tell it to insert it, review the quote, then finally get to the post. So many steps..
  14. Testerino

    Testerino New Member

    Hrm yeah, there doesn't seem to be a single-quote mechanism, only multi-quote? Weird.

    Oooooh. If you click "reply" on a specific post, it's single-quote.

    edit: I see everyone else already worked that out before me. :)
    more edit: testing merging 2 posts
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  15. EvilGenius

    EvilGenius New Member

    Oh. Now I feel like an idiot :)
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