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    Here's a snapshot of what people are up to in the forums. Remember that OCAU has official Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages - if you can follow or like us on those, it helps us keep you up to date.

    Cinebench Benchmarking and Ranking Thread in Overclocking & Hardware.
    OCAU Ryzen Overclocking discussion/ Guide / Owners Thread in AMD Hardware.
    Network Management Software in Networking, Telephony & Internet.
    What if I don't want the NBN... *shock horror* in Networking, Telephony & Internet.
    Are Headphone Amplifiers worth it in PC Audio.
    New server build /w LSI 9265 RAID5 benchmark in Storage & Backup.
    Reskilling in IT in Business & Enterprise Computing.
    BYOD observations in Business & Enterprise Computing.
    Soldering 101 in Electronics & Electrics.
    Arduino Beginner in Electronics & Electrics.
    Toaster oven reflow soldering in Electronics & Electrics.
    If I had a ? machine, i would make a ? widget in Hobby Engineering.
    The Moon is really far away, Earth and planets and space and so on in Science.
    Old World Maps\Astronomy in Science.
    Horse meat - where? in Geek Food.
    Construction Bricks Discussion - Lego, Lepin, Megablocks, Decool, etc in Other Toys/Hobbies.
    Scale Model Gallery in Other Toys/Hobbies.
    Solar Power: The Callan Project in Lifestyle.
    Australian Property in 2017 - Predictions & General Discussion in Career, Education & Finance.
    South Australia without power in Current Events.

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